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Polyethylene Water Tanks-Vertical

As can be observed in all our products, our vertical polyethylene water tanks are produced at high-q.

Polyethylene Water Tanks-Horizontal

    We produce different size horizontal polyethylene water tanks from 200 liters to 5 t.

Polyethylene Water Tanks-Tetragonal

    Polyethylene tetragonal water tank products, being ideal usage in smooth surfaces, c.

Polyethylene Silos

        Karplas polyethylene silos have been used in food industry especiall.

Polyethylene Textile Vehicles

    Polyethylene textile carriage carts specifically produced for textile sector can be .

Garbage Containers

    Karplas garbage containers can be used confidently for years with its aesthetic view.

Portable WC-Polyethylene

    Polyethylene portable WCs are economical and practical WC solutions widely used in m.

Special Products

    Polyethylene raw material is the most suitable raw material for special product manu.

World of Polyethylene

  Maybe we are not aware of, but polyethylene is the raw material of many products that we use.

Horizontal Fiberglass Water Tanks

    Glass fiber supported Karplas polyester horizontal water tanks are long life tank so.

Vertical Fiberglass Water Tanks

    CTP glass fiber supported Karplas polyester vertical water tanks are long life tank .

Elliptic Fiberglass Water Tanks

    Glass fiber supported Karplas polyester elliptic water tanks are long life tank solu.

Tetragonal Fiberglass Water Tanks

    Polyester tetragonal water tanks have a practical usage with aesthetic view where it.

Fiberglass Silos

  Karplas polyester silos are vertical tank solutions. Polyester silo tanks have been produced.

On-Site Assembly Fiberglass Tanks

    Being as a leading brand within polyester tank industry, Karplas realizes custom man.

Industrial Fiberglass Tanks

    We provide special solutions in polyester industrial storage tanks from 1986 up unti.

Special Fiberglass Products

    Polyester raw material is the most suitable raw material for special product manufac.

Polyethylene Road Traffic Barriers

  Polyethylene traffic road barriers have been mass production of Karplas. Being designed spec.

Polyethylene Illuminated Pots

  Decorative polyethylene illuminated pots manufactured by Karplas add beauty and quality to t.



Karplas has been a leader firm in water tank production beginning from 1986. In the production of plastic water tanks Karplas makes high quality production with production quality, ideal raw material density, and boiling time with experience over years with production quality. With high impact resistance, 100% recyclable raw material usage, resista.



Polyester water tanks cause no weight in areas with its lightweight structure. They are easy to transport. It can be made production with desired resistance with CTF glass fiber reinforcement. Polyester water tanks make no corrosion or leakage, and have long-life. They don't need maintenance for years. Even requiring maintenance, it is easy to main.